Building on the success of my Nightingale sound installation for Margate High Street earlier this year, I am now working on a new series of installations - going under the name of Singing Windows.  My purpose is to extend my explorations and evaluation of sonic interventions and their impact on place, people and behaviour, and to this end I have enlisted the help of independent evaluator Michelle Boakes, Margate Task Force (local police), and a researcher in environmental psychology at the University of Surrey.  As before, these installations make use of Feonic technology to allow me to use shop window fronts as loudspeakers from which the installation sounds.  Currently, I have installations in Margate and Broadstairs.  Further details (including maps) can be found on my dedicated Singing Windows website.

I also have a new sound installation in this month's Duchamp festival in Herne Bay - a celebration of the centenary of the artist's visit to the town in August 1913.  This piece, which I have entitled Erratumgale takes its inspiration from the Erratrum Musical composition conceived by Duchamp one month before his visit to the town, as well as the 1920s recordings of Beatrice Harrison who used to play her cello in her cottage garden whilst being accompanied by nightingale song.  Just as Duchamp rejected the canvas to work on glass, by using Feonic technology I am also able to use glass as my medium, in this case for transmitting the sound.

Permanently Installed Work

Entomophonix        La Cité des Insectes     Chaud, 87120 Nedde, France.
gr0w                     Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden     Ockley, Surrey, UK.
Singing Windows    Broadstairs      Kent, UK.
Singing Windows    Margate      Kent, UK.

2013 Performances, Workshops & Touring Installations

13/01   Tentet   Café Oto  Ashwin Street, Dalston, London, UK.
20/01   Hail Bop   Duke of Cumberland  Whitstable, Kent, UK.

03/02   London Improvisers Orchestra  Café Oto  Ashwin Street, Dalston, London, UK.
09/02   The Dreamlanders   Coach & Horses  Whitstable, Kent, UK.
14/02   Hail Bop   Westgate Towers  Canterbury, Kent, UK.
14/02   The Dreamlanders   The Bowl Inn  Hastingleigh, Kent, UK.
21/02   Solo   Free Range   The Vegbox Cafe, Canterbury, Kent, UK.

03/03   The Dreamlanders   Duke of Cumberland  Whitstable, Kent, UK.
09/03   The Dreamlanders   White Horse  Chilham, Kent, UK.
23/03   Solo   Creek Creative   Abbey Street, Faversham, Kent, UK.
29/03   Benzego   The Lord Nelson   Nelson Place, Broadstairs, Kent, UK.
30/03   The Dreamlanders   Labour Club  Whitstable, Kent, UK.

27/04   The Dreamlanders   The Bowl Inn  Hastingleigh, Kent, UK.

05/05   The Dreamlanders   Sweeps Festival  Rochester, Kent, UK.
05/05   Benzego   Red Lion   Baddlesmere, Kent, UK.
06/05   The Dreamlanders   Whitstable Castle  Whitstable, Kent, UK.
12/05   Benzego   The Neptune   Marine Terrace, Whitstable, Kent, UK.
17/05   Chris Wood   Cathedral Lodge  Canterbury, Kent, UK.
18/05   Benzego   Medieval Fayre   Baddlesmere, Kent, UK.
23/05   The Dreamlanders   Man of Kent  Rochester, Kent, UK.
24/05   Benzego   The Charles Dickens   Victoria Parade, Broadstairs, Kent, UK.

01/06   The Dreamlanders   Coach and Horses  Whitstable, Kent, UK.
09/06   London Improvisers Orchestra  Café Oto  Ashwin Street, Dalston, London, UK.
13/06   Benzego   Harpers Wine Bar   Harbour Street, Broadstairs, Kent, UK.
14/06   The Dreamlanders   Royal Oak  Lydd, Kent, UK.
15/06   Big Noise   Somerfest   Town Centre, Somerset, UK.
22/06   The Dreamlanders   Fish Festival  Folkestone, Kent, UK.
29/06   Benzego   UKP Music Festival   Sports Ground, Sittingbourne, Kent, UK.

07/07   Benzego   Anchor Inn   Abbey Street, Faversham, Kent, UK.
12/07   Bunch of Anchors   Alexander Centre   Preston Street, Faversham, Kent, UK.
14/07   The Dreamlanders   The Chapel  Albion Street, Broadstairs, Kent, UK.
27/07   Tongues of Fire   Open East Festival   Olympic Park, Stratford, London, UK.
28/07   Tongues of Fire   Open East Festival   Olympic Park, Stratford, London, UK.
29/07   The Dreamlanders   The Bowl Inn  Hastingleigh, Kent, UK.

01/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
02/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
03/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
03/08   Big Twist   Cressing Temple   Cressing, Braintree, Essex, UK.
04/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
05/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
06/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
07/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
08/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
09/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
09/08   Benzego   The Charles Dickens   Victoria Parade, Broadstairs, Kent, UK.
10/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
10/08   The Dreamlanders   Pridstock  Share and Coulter, Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
11/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
12/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
13/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
13/08   Benzego   Barnaby Rudge   Albion Street, Broadstairs, Kent, UK.
14/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
14/08   Benzego   The Charles Dickens   Victoria Parade, Broadstairs, Kent, UK.
15/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
15/08   The Dreamlanders   The Chapel  Albion Street, Broadstairs, Kent, UK.
16/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
16/08   Benzego   Wrotham Arms   Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs, Kent, UK.
17/08   Erratumgale   Duchamp Festival   Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
17/08   Benzego   Theatre in the Park   Strode Park, Herne, Kent, UK.
24/08   The Dreamlanders   Labour Club  Whitstable, Kent, UK.
24/08   Benzego   KingsFest   Sturry, nr Canterbury, Kent, UK.
26/08   The Dreamlanders   The Bowl Inn  Hastingleigh, Kent, UK.
31/08   Benzego   The Music Room   Earl St, Maidstone, Kent, UK.

01/09   Benzego   Hop Festival   Shepherd Neame Stage, Faversham, Kent, UK.
01/09   Benzego   Anchor Inn   Abbey Street, Faversham, Kent, UK.