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echo 2

Echo 2,  the second piece in my Echolocation series further develops some of the ideas in Echo 1 through the placing of the work within the larger context of a series of sonic interventions incorporating source material from the wider nocturnal world. The whole event is being produced by Outdoor Culture in partnership with the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust and co-promoted by Oxford Contemporary Music.

The piece will be featured at Chimney Meadows Nature Reserve on the evenings of the 8th and 9th May, 2009, alongside a number of other works taking their inspiration from the nocturansl world: bats, badgers, frogs, insects, and so on.

As before, this version of Echolocation will be live and in the shape of a surround sound composition - presenting to its audience in real-time a musical interpretation of the location as night settles in.  Each performance will begin just after sunset and will be the centrepiece of a promenade event offering a number of innovative encounters with nocturnal wildlife during the evening.

More information about the event can be found on Oxford Contemporary Music's website.