ENTOMOPHONIX is a surround sound installation commissioned by La Cité des Insectes in Chaud, France, and is now permanently installed in the museum there.

It was created as part of a three-week residency at the museum in the summer or 2007 and is now permanently installed for visitors to the museum to enjoy.

During his time at La Cité, Robert researched the world of insect sounds and communication and recorded many insects local to the surroundings such as ants, bees, crickets, dragonflies and grasshoppers to create a composition that introduced their unique sound world to discerning humans.  Imagine a room full of butterflies... imagine living in a beehive or in an ants' nest... imagine going for a ride on the back of a dragonfly... what would that sound like?  Entomophonix allows the listener access to this unique sound world and to imagine life through the ears of our smaller friends....

The installation was a special commission as part of "Arts et Sciences en Limousin, Regards croisés sur la Nature et la Culture", linking together artists and scientists all over the world in celebration of the tercentenary of the birth of Linné and Buffon - the originators of the vegetable and animal classification system that is still used today.